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Reisman / Teleshuttle Inventions and Patents

Release of selected Reisman patent filings into the public domain:

Two of Reisman's patent filings have been released into the public domain:  those related to FairPay, and to Social Web Collaboration. These are believed to offer significant value to society, and it was felt that retention of patent rights -- even if placed into a non-profit development institution -- would impede rapid and wide adoption.

Reisman inventions include work in the following areas.  Over 50 patents have been awarded, with more pending.  Over 200 companies have licensed one or more of these patents, including licenses for use by nearly every major provider of smartphones and PCs, and many providers of TV/video services. These patents and applications have been cited by over 2000 other patents and applications (a high number of citations is an indicator of importance).

  • Smart clients, Internet push distribution, and software update (1994 filing, sold) - relating to fundamental aspects of smart-client Web services and Internet push applications, such as app stores, electronic software distribution, webcasting, content channels, podcasts, RSS, and offline browsing, as well as aspects of the mobile Web, e-commerce, and other advanced Internet services. This portfolio was licensed to BTG for commercialization, and includes seven patents issued in 1997-2006, plus twelve others since, and more still pending. BTG's licensing efforts led to patent infringement suits against Microsoft and Apple.  On 3/31/06, BTG announced the sale of these patent rights to Twintech E.U. LLC for a down payment of $35 million, plus a share of future profits, and that those suits would be dropped. BTG stated at the time that "TwinTech E.U. has the skills and resource to create value from these patents which we believe should be licensed by a range of software application providers." That sale was facilitated by Intellectual Ventures (with Microsoft and Apple believed to be investors), which took control of these patents and responsibility for continuing licensing efforts -- for which Teleshuttle retains a profit share .
    --Additional patents issued 1/26/10 3/6/12 that relate to disc/online hybrids that link CDs or DVDs with online services, such as with the Blu-ray BD-Live feature or in video games with online adjuncts.  Delivering such services was Teleshuttle's original business, as exemplified by the 1995 Blockbuster Video Guide CD-ROM, with its Teleshuttle online update feature.
    --An additional patent issued 9/20/11 and relates to providing and receiving application-specific information, services, and software component elements (such as applets or scripts) over a network.
    --On 10/6/11 two of these patents were asserted by an Intellectual Ventures entity in a patent infringement suit against Motorola Mobility.
    --An additional patent issued 11/29/11 and relates to providing and receiving content over a wireless communication system, including off-line presentation of stored retrieved content.
    --Additional patents issued 11/27/12, 3/26/13, and 1/21/14 relating to software update.
    --A patent issued 7/30/13 relating to selection of networks, protocols, or media.
    --A patent issued 5/6/14 relating to Web aggregation.
    --A patent issued 9/2/14 relating to protocol-agnostic cloud services
    --Two patents issued 11/1/16 relating to maintaining identity across Internet sessions.


  • Search and the Social Web and the Semantic Web (2000 filing, sold) – with objectives relating to the Social Web and structured application of user feedback, browsing by object name, knowledge of task/domains, and knowledge of the Semantic Web (including seven patents issued 2005-2014, with others pending). Sold 7/6/09 to RPX Corporation, the first defensive patent aggregator. These patents have been licensed to over 200 companies, including many household names.

  • Coactive TV (2002 filing, sold) a rich platform for "multi-machine user interfaces" (MMUIs) focused on the growing trend toward multi-screen viewing and simultaneous, or “coactive,” use of TV and the Web. Aspects were in commercial development by Teleshuttle, with strategic partners being sought, but uses of this technology by others have since become mainstream.  Extensive information on CoTV is provided on this Web site. Very extensive patent filings address a wide range of advanced TV/Web features, including use with one and two screens (coactive companion devices such as tablets or phones), "casting" from one device to another, advanced enhancements to TV, Automatic Content Recognition, MMUIs for other devices and applications (including wearables), and other features.
    Update: The first patents issued 3/1/11, 7/26/11, 4/17/12, 9/3/13, and ten more in 2014, with many others allowed or pending.  Licensed to RPX Corporation member companies as of 3/10/15 (over 200 companies including
    many major companies in the TV/video and  smartphone/tablet space).

  • "Big Data" / "The Internet of Things" / Product usage data and ratings:  network-based collection, exchange, and analysis (2002 filing, sold)  – including data from intelligent appliances, with some objectives relating to improved breadth and depth of collection and analysis and characterization of usage, and to new business models for associated data services.  Very extensive patent filings address a range of applications related to products, ratings, smart devices, energy efficiency, asset management (including digital assets) and other emerging applications. 
    Update: The first four patents issued in 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2014, with others pending. Licensed to RPX Corporation member companies as of 3/10/15 (over 200 companies).

  • Digital media storage management / "Progressive Deletion" (2001 filing, sold) – with some objectives relating to trade-offs of quality versus space that may change after items are first stored.  This enables an entirely new capability to "squeeze more in" to a "full" storage device, by increasing compression (such as in a video camera/smartphone or a DVR).  Other aspects of this portfolio relate to management of multi-level local and remote storage archives, including cloud storage services.  The first three patents in this portfolio issued in 2010-13, with others pending.
    Update: The first patents issued 3/1/11, 7/26/11, 4/17/12, 9/3/13, and ten more in 2014, with many others allowed or pending.  Licensed to RPX Corporation member companies as of 3/10/15 (over 200 companies).

  • Social Web collaboration:  "The Augmented Wisdom of Crowds."  (2002 filing, public domain*) relating to advanced methods and a broad architecture for collaboration, ratings, rankings, and reputation management. Originally directed to open online communities and marketplace exchanges for ideas and Intellectual property development – with some original objectives relating to the open collaborative support of development for early stage ideas, and to nurturing and capturing value for ideas that might otherwise be abandoned. Now seen as most relevant to social media and wider aspects of digital democracy.
    Broadly, this as a method for "The Augmented Wisdom of Crowds
    " -- very relevant to combating the social media "filter bubbles," "echo chambers," "fake news," and failures of critical thinking that emerged as a serious issue during the 2016 US election. Specifics are here.  Collaboration is invited.

    (*These patent filings have been released into the public domain and all patent disclosures have been published by the Patent Office for anyone to use.)


  • FairPay (2010 filing, public domain*) an entirely new approach to more efficient pricing for digital content/services that is personalized in the context of an ongoing relationship, based on customer dialogs about value. FairPay involves buyers in price-setting and develops a buyer FairPay reputation based on Internet feedback.  This enables sellers to manage a cooperative process that goes beyond "freemium," to a far more efficient and dynamically adaptive hybrid of free and paid content. FairPay is described in depth in the FairPayZone blog and was presented 12/1/11 at an MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC symposium on "Better Strategies for Monetizing Digital Offerings," and on the HBR Blog on 11/18/13. Reisman's book FairPay: Adaptively Win-Win Customer Relationships was published in 2016.
    Teleshuttle is working on a pro-bono basis with industry and academic partners on research, trials, and applications of FairPay, and offers free consultation service
    (*These patent filings have been released into the public domain and all patent disclosures have been published by the Patent Office for anyone to use)

Inquiries from potential strategic partners are invited.

Monetizing patents, and the need for an effective marketplace: 

Teleshuttle is pleased to see the emergence of improved marketplace options for inventors to obtain reward for their inventions.  There has been much negative reaction against patent "trolls," but little understanding of how difficult it is for inventors to gain reasonable compensation for their inventions in the traditional patent market environment.  It is greatly preferable all around to have market options that provide fair compensation to inventors, without need for the costs, time, turmoil, and inefficiency of litigation.  Responsible middlemen like Intellectual Ventures, RPX Corporation, and other recent entrants to the market have begun to provide this kind of effective alternative to litigation.

Some background on the path to monetization of Teleshuttle's first portfolio is given in a blog post.  More of that story is now public, including the game-changing role of Intellectual Ventures.  The path to monetizing the second portfolio, with the help of RPX, and with no need for litigation, was far more direct and efficient.

Lessons from this monetization experience were presented at the 2/15/12 MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC symposium "A New Age in Patent Liquidity: New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs" (slides) and a similar session 12/2/15 (video is available at the MITEF site). Reisman has also spoken on this at Columbia Business School.

      Teleshuttle patent news

11/1/16 - 52nd patent issues

3/10/15 - Three portfolios licensed to over 200 RPX member companies

2/15/12 - Reisman presentation on patents at MIT Enterprise Forum

4/26/11    - Intellectual Ventures interviews Reisman for Inventor Profile

7/6/09     - Reisman search patent portfolio is sold

3/31/06   - BTG Sells Teleshuttle Patent Rights To Twintech E.U. for $35MM+

7/20/04   - BTG and Teleshuttle Sue Microsoft and Apple for Infringement of Patent for Online Software Updates

7/20/04   - BTG and Teleshuttle Sue Microsoft for Infringement of Patents for Active Desktop and Offline Browsing Technologies

9/1/98     - BTG Expands Its Internet Technology Portfolio With the Acquisition Of a Fundamental Internet Push Distribution Technology

Inventor Background / Mission

Richard Reisman's mission relates to creating new and more effective services for people across the broad field of connectivity--powerful interactive tools and media for human communication, collaboration, knowledge work, entertainment, and commerce. 

This includes various combinations of man-machine symbiosis and machine-augmented human communications -- as well as the new cultural, media, and business opportunities they enable.  Pervasive themes are user empowerment and collaboration, and the effective application of globally networked communities and machine intelligence (the focused wisdom of crowds) to support that -- always in a user-centered way.

This work draws on many decades of thinking about new media combined with diversified practical information technology and business experience – and on a visionary mind-set tempered by a sense for effectiveness honed by training in analytical methods for optimization (see bio).  Reisman also has a broad interest in the creative process and the business of  innovation – and organized and moderated a symposium on "Patents for Dot-coms" for the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC in April 2000, and organized and spoke at a similar event in 2012.

To put a personal arc on this history, Reisman became a believer in new media and e-business in the '60's, but realized that he had to wait and pursue a day job in IT through the '70s and '80s.  He moved full-time into new media at the start of the '90s, as the stars (and infrastructure) aligned for the rest of the world to awaken. 

All of this is with homage to the visions of Bush (Vannevar), Licklider, Engelbart, Nelson, and Turoff that drove this continuing arc of development (and thanks to Andy van Dam).


Contact Information

Richard R. Reisman, President, Teleshuttle Corporation
20 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003

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