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Teleshuttle is now primarily focused on supporting Richard Reisman's pro-bono projects
-- for current information (and bio), see the two blogs listed below.


Active Pro-bono Initiatives


(Most currently active)

Social Media Policy: Who Feeds Your Head? ...and How?

Delegation of User Choice, Freedom of Impression

Information Ecosystems and The Augmented Wisdom of Crowds


Current information is on this blog:

Fundamental problems in managing our online media tools have become an existential threat to our democracy. We can do better at managing the social value and truth of media content, and having agency over how that is fed to each of us.


The key is to restore the Freedom of Impression we did not realize we had until the platforms co-opted it.


These ideas have been published in Tech Policy Press and elsewhere, and cited in an FTC Report to Congress.


(Less  currently active)


FairPay: Adaptively Win-Win Customer Relationships


Current information is on this blog:

FairPay is a radically innovative framework for relationship-centered, “customer-value-first” revenue strategies for the digital era. Its varying forms can be adapted across a wide spectrum of business contexts, both for-profit and non-profits.


These ideas have been published in Harvard Business Review and other business press, and in scholarly journals. (FairPay is an open conceptual framework and relationship architecture, not a product.)



Teleshuttle Corporation was founded by Richard Reisman in 1994 for envisioning a user-centric future of smartly connected people, things, and systems. It has worked as an innovation studio – researching / developing / commercializing its innovations in collaboration with strategic partners, leading to 52 patents now licensed to over 200 companies to serve billions of users.*

(*All 52 patents are now expired and in public domain. Patent applications related to social media and FairPay have been expressly released into public domain. Background from the old Teleshuttle web site is still accessible, but no longer current.)

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